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Codi Vore

देश: United States

जन्म: May 18, 1995

आंख: Green

बाल: Blonde

ऊंचाई: 154 cm

वजन: 59 kg

स्तन: Natural

बट: Natural

विचारों: 0

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Blonde sex vixen Codi Vore began her journey into the adult entertainment industry in 2017 and is having a great time gaining popularity and having sex with some of the hottest stars, much to our delight! Born in May of 1995, Vore was 22 years old when she started shooting adult movies. Codi is 52 tall and weighs 138 pounds. She has massive Kcup titties that must be seen if youre a fan of busty boobs! Codi has fullbody measurements of 30K2836. ><br> Codi has numerous films with The Score Group studio, including Bad Girls and Ball Gags, Codi Vore is Coming Clean, and Codi's Garden of Big Boobed Dreams. Vore has filmed with pornstars like Milly Marks, and most of her scenes are in the masturbation, boy/girl, and lesbian genres. She won the award for MV Boobs of the Year and has a fantastic laugh and smile. > Her fanbase has multiplied rapidly in a short period, and Vore plans to continue working hard and having fun. In her personal life, the bigbreasted model loves singing, pineapple pizza, and oxford commas. Codi has blonde hair and sexy grey eyes. Movies often feature her giant tits getting covered in cum. Codi loves getting new clothes and bras and has a very healthy masturbation life, in addition to all the sex she gets. She has many roleplay scenes, with some fun ones involving superhero vs. succubus, breast obsession therapy, and study partners. > Codi Vore has lots of fun with her work, and shes still actively showing off her busty body, much to the pleasure of fans old and new. With more scenes still coming out, were sure to add to our impressive collection. Enjoy our wonderful selection and let us know what you think!

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